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it’s funny, people will generally allow you to have an opinion on goods and services that you consume

like I’ve never seen anyone respond to, say, a negative review of a sofa with “if you don’t like it then go build one yourself”

and yet if you express the desire for more/better representation in media someone always shows up to tell you to write something yourself


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Anonymous asked: The Predacons were odd... I mean they're named after a Deceptacon subgroup that were themed mainly after predatory mammals, despite that actually being more the Maximals theme, their command line was 'Terrorize' despite that being better suited to a Terracon, and their symbol looked like it was meant for an Insecticon.

If ya look at the TF wikia (which is awesome btw) the marvel comics kinda explained a bit of that. I don’t think they talked about the ‘terrorize’ thing tho, but I imagine that after the war the term ‘Decepticon’ was probably banned or something. So I guess they had to have SOME kind of name, since I doubt old Decepticons wanted to become Autobots. I mean, the autobots won, made their bodies smaller to cope with the energon crisis (And work better with the humans). Perhaps as a show of good faith the Autobots changed their name along with the  ’decepticons.’ Tho the difference being that ‘Autobots’ are considered war heroes while ‘Decepticons’ are war criminals (which >_> well…… they were). 

Ah man, you can’t talk to me about beast wars without there being a nerd rant XD

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Anonymous asked: And then Waspinator got blown to scrap. again. How many times is this now?

Lol they already did a count for how many times Megs says Yessss and Noooo. Surprised no one ever counted that XD. Love waspy :3

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