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I apologize in advance

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lazykelpie asked: I swear, I'm literally crying from laughter everytime I see your comics. And then crying again reading your tags. Don't you dare to stop drawing. EVER! :'D And thank you very much!

Why thank you…


No but really it means tons coming from you! It makes me so happy to see your amazing work on my dash, never stop drawing yourself ok!? And glad i could bring the laughs, there shall be many more Gabe-isms to come >D

Filed under lucci replies lazykepie hugssss gif epilepsy warning this makes me so happy so does spiderman lying sensually on the ground got the best of both worlds here lazykelpie everybody go hug lazykelpie!

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There’s a reason Gabe didn’t save Victor….

There’s a reason Gabe didn’t save Victor….

Filed under luccicute art castlevania lords of shadow castlevania lords of shadow gabriel belmont victor belmont fanart fan art Scopophobia all remember that victor died for YOUR specific sins gabe you now have to worship this assassins creed wannabe good luck with that but really i like to headcanon that if victor lived he would have been roomies with gabe and trevor and they would have had adventures of the pun kind VAMPIRES AREN'T MORNING PPL i might make a better version of this into a shirt et sunt mchotdad